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Zion Assemblies of God Church is your place to meet the savior of your soul and to establish yourself as a true child of God. As you step in to this place you will be warmly welcomed into this Family just as you are . Experience God's divine touch during the worship time, life transforming inspiring and practical messages from God's Word. Enjoy a wide range of music styles varying from contemporary music and more traditional hymns and songs. You can see and hear Living testimonies of God's divine love and know God's will and purpose for your life.

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Church Services

SUN 07.00 Kannada ServiceSunday at 07.00 AM
SUN 08.00 Tamil ServiceSunday at 08.00 AM
SUN 09.00 Malayalam ServiceSunday at 09.00 AM
SUN 10.30 English ServiceSunday at 10.30 AM
SUN 18.00 Miracle ServiceSunday at 06.00 PM
WED 19.00 Bible StudyWednesday at 07.00 PM
WED 17.30 Women's FellowshipWednesday at 05.30 PM
SAT 10.00 Fasting PrayerSaturday at 10.00 AM
SAT 19.00 Men's FellowshipSaturday at 07.00 PM

Upcoming Events

25 November 2017 - Saturday at 07:00 PM

Ethnic day Celebration

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